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Can you imagine many people are gay from the Celestial Empire

Within the mention of the which remark off significantly more than: “Monogamist people help those people worthy of exaltation in the design but they will not rule since the Gods. This is the philosophy present in the LDS scriptures now and you will followed closely by Fundamentalist LDS.

Inside the regard to that it feedback from a lot more than: “132 including allows polyandry of these women that need certainly to marry one carrying a high priesthood.”

This doesn’t sound like the standard MO, ought not to they read: 132 lets men which have a top priesthood to marry several other man’s wife in the event that the guy determines. ?

History Lemming, if you were expected to get in towards the homosexual plural wedding inside the fresh new Celestial empire, might you accomplish that?

An excellent State of mind. Polygamy when you look at the paradise is not always about what anybody wishes. Their regarding the simple fact that the one plausible possibility for how this may turn out whether some one wants it or not. We for just one should not ending some thing if there is no cause for and come up with an explanation. I ending that i does just what I am questioned, any type of that’s.

And several men and women think that the philosophy was a basis to make an explanation on which can be expected next lives.

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