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Key of your own Starry Air Arc [ ]

Lucy with the rest of your members involved within the Tenrou Isle, returns towards Fairy Tail Guild shortly after becoming discovered by the Bisca, Alzack, Spray, Droy, Maximum, Warren as well as the Trimens out of Bluish Pegasus. She watches because the Mavis Vermilion implies that she try the main one who protected her or him, prior to disappearing again. Lucy, plus the almost every other returning members, are welcomed straight back by the Romeo.

A great distraught Lucy, also Happier and you may Natsu, was afterwards viewed perambulating the trail house. Right here the team experiences a couple lady whining regarding their dads and you may wishing these people were dead. So it angers Natsu and causes him shouting on female. Lucy informs your to quit and you will apologizes in making him or her care and attention on their. When Lucy says one she thinks she hates the girl dad, Natsu reactions that simply because the she cannot shout that doesn’t change how she feels. Afterwards, Natsu and you will Happy arrive which have work to help you brighten Lucy upwards.

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